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The Deeds of the Devil
The first novel in the Dark Dragon series by Helen Noble

The Deeds of the Devil is a chilling, psychological insight into the twisted mind of a killer. A noir crime thriller, exploring the nature and motivations of a serial offender, from the perspective of a female investigator.

An innocuous character, seemingly only concerned with the accuracy and compliance of legal paperwork, Ronald Norris is an auditor who switches between meticulous office skills and methodologies of murder.

Cloaked in respectability, he scours the Wills, Trusts and Deeds stored by the legal practices, in the course of his employment, collating personal information. Targeting the elderly and vulnerable, he adopts a variety of alternative personas to gain their trust and access their homes, secreting his way into the fabric of their lives. Waiting for the ultimate moment of control, the precise instant his victims realise their fate, he relishes their fear before ending their lives. However, for him, the act itself is never enough. To satiate his appetite for power, he also collects gruesome souvenirs from the scene, aide-memoirs of his most glorious moments.

With so little evidence left at the scenes, the police struggle to find any leads. They also fail to establish any links between the steadily increasing counts of suspicious death discovered amongst the elderly population in the Welsh seaside city of Swansea.

The focus of the investigation changes when a female detective sergeant is handed the file. DS Ally McCready revisits the scenes of her bittersweet childhood, using her familiarity with the place and its people in her investigation A psychology graduate, her dealings with the least desirable aspects of society have served only to crystallise her curiosity into human ways, and she believes a deeper understanding of the darker sides of human behaviour will help her to solve crimes and save lives. McCready is hoping this case will allow her to leave behind her unfair reputation as a trouble- maker, and prove her commitment to the cause.

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The Deeds of the Devil
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My debut novel, Tears of a Phoenix, was published in May 2012. August 2014 saw the publication of a second novel,The 49th Day, and a collection of short stories titled, Scorpio Moons

I’m currently working on my fifth book.

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